Plug into Moments. Plug into Impulse. Plug into Memories. Plug into Adventure. Plug into the better life.

Welcome to Boat Lifestyle

boAt is a lifestyle brand that deals in fashionable consumer electronics like- earphones, headphones, speakers,travel charger & premium rugged cables. Our products blend into your daily lilfestyle, almost to the point of being a fashion accessory and a perfect fit to your ambient surroundings.


Your music Wherever you are
Bluetooth headphones & speakers.


Car & Wall Chargers
Indestructible Lightning Cables.

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Plug into Nirvana

Defy preconceived notions, Make the world a part of your music experience and Lose yourself in the music. Because life is too short to waste on Noise, so tune into whatever floats your boat and Plug Into Nirvana.

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